At VisionHint, our passion is helping people gain insight into their dreams. We believe dreams can be an enlightening window into our subconscious thoughts, emotions, aspirations, fears and more. Understanding your dreams on a deeper level can lead to personal growth, inspiration and a more profound connection with your inner self.

Our team of writers all have backgrounds in psychology, spirituality and dream analysis. We have made it our mission to provide expert dream interpretations that are:


  • Based on extensive research into dream symbolism and meaning
  • Drawn from Jungian psychology, psychoanalysis and archetypal symbolism
  • Reference scholarly books and studies on dream analysis


  • Our writers have qualifications and professional expertise in dream interpretation
  • We reference authoritative sources and cite credible research on dream symbolism
  • Our interpretations are nuanced and avoid definitive claims without evidence


  • We take care to offer thoughtful dream analysis without broad generalizations
  • Readers can trust our interpretations are unbiased and science-based
  • We are transparent about our sources and methodology

At VisionHint, we interpret dreams with an emphasis on empowering self-understanding. Our hope is that our dream interpretations provide clarity, direction and meaningful insights that you can apply in your waking life. Please explore our website to learn more about common dream symbols, themes and theories. Discover what your dreams reveal about your deepest self.